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What Are the Risks of Forex Trading?

When trading, you can take a long position on one currency and, at the same time, take a short position on another. As a result, you will make money when one currency rises (long position) or when the other currency falls (short position). Making money off the difference between currency values is what’s known as ..
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Understanding Technical Analysis

The forex market is the largest in the world. It is extremely diverse and it has very liquid assets. Many traders seek to enter the market for a profit. Retail traders use many strategies to trade on the forex market. As a discipline, technical analysis is a technique used for short term income generation. It ..
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How Do I Start Trading Forex?

If you are planning to venture into forex trading or are a beginner seeking to attract massive gains from forex trading, this article is for you. Here, you will learn the three core steps and related tricks to have successful forex trading. First, it would be best to identify a typical forex pair. You will ..
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Tips on picking stock using Technical and Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to picking stock, there are many ways of going about it. Conventionally, long-term investors depended on fundamental analysis. This is because it examines the management structure, revenues, income, growth potential, growth rate, industry position, and competitors a company has. Investors use this information to determine if the company is of good value. ..
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